What are the best new teen romance books?

Posted on May 25th, 2010 by admin

I read all the twilight books and I don’t really wanna read anything more that has to do with vampires/science fiction fantasy. If you could please list like real day teen romance books. Thanks :) . If you could add a little bit of description to the books that’d be great! Thanks :D .

Okay, so if I give a summary for all of them, this could be impossibly long. So I’ll give you the name and author. Amazon.com gives pretty good summaries all of them for you to look up.

Almost any book my Sarah Dessan or Susane Colasanti . Both are more realistic teen romance novels with no mythical creatures or science fiction aspects. Along for the Ride, This Lullaby, The Truth About Forever and Lock and Key are some of my favorite Dessan books. When It Happens, Take Me There and Waiting for You all great Colasanti books.

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott was a great book (Perfect boyfriend not what she’s really looking for). Impossible by Nacy Werlin (does involve a fairy king, but is really just a catalyst for what happens, doesn’t actually show up very much). Two-way street by Lauren Barnholdt (a road trip to college with the ex lets you learn there’s two sides to a break-up)

The Hunger Games is a good series, though some might consider it science fiction. It’s set in the future after the US has had a collapse. Basically there are 12 "districts" or states, and a boy and girl from each district gets put into an arena for a fight to death match. The fighting is present, but it’s the relationships, both friendship and romantic, that make the novels so interesting.

Not all my favorites, but certainly quite a few. Good luck your reading!

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